In the new NOCLAIM Spring/Summer collection, each model shines with a spark of madness, with that inspiration that illuminates those who master each new outfit as the simplest of games.

A collection made to change with you, to give you the thrill of that indispensable transformism that you just can’t do without: from classic lines to fluorescent effects with irregular details and eclectic patterns, you will discover a collection that’s designed for you, needing the whole color palette to paint the perfect picture of your days; for you, always looking for something more; for you who can not help but step in and play. All this, however, always with the only, everlasting certainty, of wearing a shoe of the best quality, always strictly 100% made in Italy.

A NOCLAIM shoe is a unique design combination, a playful and at the same time refined product that, if on the one hand it is a conquest of the imagination, on the other hand it is research towards the unexplored. It is precisely in those contrasts that the new Spring/Summer women’s collection finds an ever changing balance and every time it attracts your gaze, it has something new to say. The materials tell a classic story made of passion and craftsmanship, the softness of materials whispers a fairy tale that evokes ancient feelings, but the ultra-modern details create an intricate plot that takes on a different ending for each new outfit with which it is combined. Because the fiercest women are not satisfied with happy ending: for them, fashion is an adventure of discovery, every day.

Forget the cold winter shades: the new NOCLAIM men’s collection shouts “free-for-all” and brings back the coolest and sportiest nuances you’ve ever seen. A cascade of yellow animates the most classic sneaker and the metallic fabrics meets the more traditional leathers for a “WOW” effect that you just cannot resist. Each shoe will unleash your creativity by inspiring you to create looks that unveil your new side, revealing the most secret hiding places in which to find inspirations that will leave you speechless. Ready, set, go: let’s play!