Creative, iconic, inimitable: each shoe from the new NOCLAIM autumn-winter collection is a small masterpiece that you will wear with pride and a touch of ostentation. 

At the center of the new line, the classical inspiration of perfect forms that meets an avant-garde aesthetic vision, transforming every design into a unique piece giving power to each and every line. Unexpected volumes, surprising cuts but always a unique, inevitable silver thread: the unbeatable quality of a shoe that’s 100% made in Italy.

A NOCLAIM shoe is art, sculpture, it’s a combination game. And where the sinuous line meets a bold asymmetry, something unique happens. The inspiration for the new autumn-winter women’s collection springs from the originality of these pairings. A shoe is turned into a work of art that emphasizes every look and gives it a new stylistic dimension. A product with a strong personality comes to life. One that, inevitably, is not for everyone: it is only for those who are ready to dare.

The time for classic combinations and traditional looks is over. This season’s NOCLAIM proposal for men is a subtle celebration of irreverence and narcissism, combined with an art that oscillates between classic and retro. The result is a shoe that seems created to mirror and embody the essence of the modern man. Because where there’s no definition, there’s freedom, there’s a desire to play and express yourself and every NOCLAIM shoe, in its precious details and refined finishes, is a manifesto of non-conformism.