Shaping a revolution

The NOCLAIM men’s proposal for the new autumn-winter season is a hymn to irreverence and narcissism, finding its voice through an art that oscillates between classic and retro. Each shoe seems created to mirror and embody the essence of the modern man to become, in its precious details and refined finishes, a manifesto of non-conformism.


The art of being unexpected

With sneakers, laces and ankle boots, the most classic items update the new codes of streetwear with unexpected colors and combinations. A super colored lace, a metallic texture, a camouflage effect that gives that military-casual feel. Even the faux fur is transformed from a functional element into an essential detail that underlines the uniqueness of the design. With NOCLAIM, inventing your next outfit will become your favorite sport.


There’s no future without tradition

Bold and revolutionary in design but deeply rooted in the excellence of the footwear tradition: each shoe is born in the hills of the Marche region, the beating heart of the art and quality of the great master craftsmen. Get ready to experience the softness of the materials and touch the uniqueness of a 100% made in Italy product.