No man can resist the super-chic influences of the new NOCLAIM proposals. A mashup of styles accompanies you at all times of the day, making your outfit always lively and refined thanks to the details that reveal an everchanging soul and the handmade finishes. Each shoe takes you on an adventure in search of your most authentic style. Because you is the new cool.


From the chunky sneaker to the suede moccasin, the new collection gives you a cocktail of styles and moods, making your look a continuous swing between more British dandy inspirations and a street, contemporary voice. With your favorite NOCLAIM shoes on you will discover that every occasion is the right one to dare.


The shoemaking art that looks to the future has its roots in the past: the master craftsmen of the Marche region work on NOCLAIM shoes from design to the finished product by selecting only the best materials to design and create a comfortable, refined and lasting shoe.