Sculpting beauty

Art, sculpture, a game of combinations: this is the essence of the new NOCLAIM women’s proposal for the 2019-2020 autumn-winter season. A unique mix where the sinuous line meets a bold asymmetry, giving life to a unique product. Each shoe is turned into a real work of art that emphasizes every look and gives it a new stylistic dimension. At your feet, much more than a stylish accessory, but the protagonist of all your outfits: a product with a strong personality and that, inevitably, is only for those who are ready to dare.


Modeling details

A lace embracing the ankle, a vertical zip for a touch of rock, faux fur interiors winking at the furry-mania, metal details that never go unnoticed: every model in the new collection is a continuous leap from evergreen shades to bold colors and the overall proposal alternates fierce ankle boots with more sober but always recognizable sneakers. And for a retro touch we couldn’t renounce to the camouflage textures for a unique military style that represents the evolution of the classic NOCLAIM sneaker.


Excellence is uniqueness

But the real art is not only in the looks, it’s in the details. Every perfect sculpture originates from the skilful hand of the artist who created it, just as every NOCLAIM shoe is the work of the best artists in the heart of the Marche region, epicenter of the excellence of the artisan tradition and the experience of the great Italian master shoemakers. A constant evolution that never forgets the importance of a product that is 100% made in Italy.


Many models, infinite possibilities