A NOCLAIM shoe from the new Spring/Summer collection is the bold gift that every real woman will want to make to herself. It is a unique design combination, a playful and at the same time refined product that, if on the one hand it conquers the imagination, on the other it is research towards the unexplored. It is precisely those contrasts that give an unexpected balance and a search for continuous movement, and every time a shoe attracts your gaze it has something new to say.

The materials tell you a classic story made of passion and craftsmanship, the softness of the leathers whispers in your ear a fairy tale that evokes ancient feelings, but the ultra-modern details tempt you with an intricate plot that leads you to a different ending every time you combine it with a new outfit. Because you too, like all the fiercest women, are not satisfied with happy ending: for you, fashion is an adventure of discovery, every day.

Each shoe triggers a game of shapes in which the classic line of the NOCLAIM sneaker is always at the center: a real signature of style that, as in a game of hide and seek, camouflages itself and takes on completely new features. The inimitable Pollock effect turns each product into a unique piece, and finds new expression with bold traits, to create energetic shades in eclectic colours. You won’t miss the beloved wedge models, challenging conventional fashion with their every line. A range of multifaceted and surprising models that awaits you on Zalando or at a store near you.

Keep in mind that each NOCLAIM product it is a guarantee of the best quality leathers that will give you the priceless feeling that only an authentic product of excellence can provide, and the never-before-seen design will always make you the only true hero of your world. A unique combo of past and future revealing at times the folds of time in which the secrets of the great footwear masters of the Marche are hidden. Because every NOCLAIM shoe is a product of hand and heart.